Friday, June 27, 2008

do these feet belong to you?


The Shabby Princess said...

So cute! I love. She's just the cutest little thing ever.

Yes, we still have the house--we're selling it soon, which is why I have to go clean it out. Dennis is living with his fiance while her kids live in MY house. I wish i was joking. It's just the never ending drama....

And the term "tool" in regards to Dennis (or anyone else annoying) is a nicer way of saying they are another term for donkey.... Ha.

LOVE you and miss you guys!

The Jensens said...

Of course I remember you! You are such a sweetheart! I saw Darin the other day at a call-back for "Father in Israel". I hear they are having another baby girl. I'm so sad that Michelle and I haven't really kept in touch the last few years. I sure do love their sweet little family. Thanks for dropping me a comment. It was good to hear from you. :)