Sunday, June 15, 2008

grandma suzi's flowers

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Justin and Ally Phillips said...

Hi Aunt Suzi!!! Aw, you're so sweet! I can only see your Photography By Suzanne site--do you have another site that I don't have? If you do, you'll have to send me those web addresses!

OK, to link, you have to go in and edit the layout on your site (go to "customize" when you're logged in), there's a place that will say "add page element" (top right hand side--I think), click that, then a new window will pop up--you'll see one that will say "link list", click that, and then just add the links you want (and you put a name for them too) and viola! Links!!!
Yes, so, our "family" website is and my personal one is

I hope that helped!! Let me know if it doesn't work, and we'll figure it out. Anyone else in the fam have a site I should link to?

Miss you and thanks for checking in!